DNV extends VCA* 2017/6.0 for Reijnhout Elektro B.V.

Safety first…

Safety. It is a topic that is not always taken seriously. Just like the fact that, a little too often, companies and organisations tend to ignore the consequences of thoughtlessness in the heat of the battle to realize projects in-time, in-budget, conforming to quality standards. Reijnhout Elektro B.V. however is well aware that unsafe situations can have far-reaching repercussions. Therefore, in 2015, we decided to have our organization certified by DNV with regard to the installation and setup of electrical installations for the (process) industry, as well as the installation and maintenance of data, telecom, evacuation, and fire alarm systems. (NACE Rev2. 43.21)


Safety Checklist for Contractors and industrial automation

Reijnhout Elektro B.V. finds that industrial automation is the heart of many organizations. In the light of this, we consider it important that the necessary knowledge concerning safety for both people and environment is sufficiently present. Wherever people work, mistakes are made. Just like expenses made for, for example, training, maintenance and insurance, Reijnhout Elektro B.V. considers costs made for the prevention of errors and failures as costs for quality. This point of view enables us to put projects into operation as well as keep them running, in accordance with the defined scope.



For many years, Reijnhout Elektro B.V. has successfully implemented improvements in the design and construction of switchboards, distribution boards, control cabinets, and control panels. One reason for this is our straightforward, accurate way of communicating with customers, suppliers, and all the other parties involved in a whole range of projects. As a result of the above mentioned improvements, customers and users are not only experiencing more and more ease of operation, but lower costs as well. This, in turn, leads to long-term, mutually profitable relationships. We look forward to your inquiry for our services with great interest. Call +31 (0)113 382589 for more information or a personal appointment!

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