A workplace accident is a major risk within companies with electrical installations. Every year, hundreds of employees suffer (serious) injuries, due to malfunctioning machines. Short-circuits or malfunctions can also easily cause a fire. Regular inspections prevent this kind of damage. In Europe, specific inspections for electrical installations have been established. Being an approved company, Reijnhout Elektro B.V. is certified to carry out these inspections.

Working Conditions Act

Employees must be able to work without risk. The Working Conditions Act therefore sets requirements for the safety of electrical installations and tools. Many insurance companies explicitly state in their terms and conditions that companies must comply with these working conditions requirements. In the event of an accident, the insurer will always check whether the equipment had been inspected at the time of the event. An annual inspection by Zebra inspectors can prevent a lot of damage.

Wat does an inspection entail?

Together with our client, we first make an inventory of the existing electrical installations. Then we draw up a plan of action and carry out the inspection. This inspection consists of a visual examination, a measurement and a test. To existing installations, the NEN 3140 inspection applies, and the NEN 1010 to new installations. Both inspections have the same standards. The results of the inspection are summarized in a report. Any defects can be addressed immediately in consultation with the client, saving them time as well as money.

After the inspection

Once approved, the machines are provided with a sticker that clearly indicates its inspection status. In addition, the client receives a printed certificate with all relevant data concerning the machine, the test results as well as the expiration date of the inspection. Furthermore, the machines are included in our Periodic Machine Inspection System (PKM). Repairs arising from the inspection can be carried out in close coordination with the client.


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