Fire Extinguishing Installations

Fire extinguishing installations are intended to nip the consequences of fire in the bud.

Reijnhout Elektro B.V. provides you with expert advice on how to protect both your employees and your equipment in the best way possible. Thanks to our broad customer base and decades of experience we are able to provide you with the lastest information and installation knowledge. We are fully informed on the requirements for the various classes of fire: A (solids), B (liquids), C (gases) and fires involving electricity.

Extinguishing fires as quicly and dryly as possible is of paramount importance in order to keep collateral damage to a minimum. This is especially important for the protection of rooms containing electronic, vulnerable and/or irreplaceable equipment as well as significant documents (archives).

Let us inform you without obligation on the most appropriate fire extinguishing system for your particular situation.

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