Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cabling has been on the rise in recent years. Well-known Backbone applications are being expanded to, for example, Fiber to the Desk.

The advantages of fiber optic cabling are:

  • high bandwidth
  • low attenuation
  • space saving
  • insensitive to elektromagnetic interferemce

Applying the latest techniques, we are able to construct a fiber optic network using a extraordinarily fast and reliable application. This fiber optic network is able to handle large flows of data, such as video, telecom and Ethernet. A reliable connection is guaranteed thanks to the fact that fiber optics is not affected by electromagnetic radiation.

With components from, for instance, Brand Rex and 3M we create super fast point-to-point connections and our EasySplicer enables us to make optimal splices.

We can directly splice singlemode and multimode fibers together or finish them on a pigtail using an ST, SC of LC connector.

In case of failures, we ar able to quickly rise to the challenge, thanks to our extensive stock of components.


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