For four decades, Reijnhout Elektro B.V. has been involved in the construction of a wide variety of technological projects. Whether it is a small adjustment or a entirely new installation, Reijnhout Elektro B.V. is just the right partner for you!

Design and Engineering

You have a new product, you want to be able to produce 24 hours a day, work more efficiently or simply wish to renew the system. Whatever your specific question, it is our pleasure to be of service to you. If desired, we gladly visit you and, in collaboration with you, work out a solution. We will be pleased to think along with you and, with all our acquired knowledge, design the best solution possible to your problem.

Subseqently, the design is worked out in detail into a P&ID as well as a functional description. This guarentees a clear and meticulous documentation of all the details of the design. We will, of course, go over the details with you and adjust them where necessary until you are completely satisfied.


What will be the size of the control box? What components does it have to contain? And what about the emergency stop? Reijnhout Elektro B.V. works out your design in detail. All the data addressed during the engineering phase are worked out by using the latest drawing programs. This way, all team members involved know exactly what needs to be built, and how. All the drawing activities are performed in accordance with the applicable European machine guidelines, which guarantees optimal quality.


Our experienced technicians will be happy to get started with your plans. We have years of experience in the assembly and commissioning of electrical installations such as cable trays, distribution systems and control systems. We also have specialised staff for pneumatics and instrumentation. Quality is our goal and therefore only work with the best parts during assembly. Thanks to our own panel building workshop and internal warehouse, we can deliver fast.

Based on the drawings, the required components are mounted on the control box mounting panel, in exact accordance with the design. First, the installation is put to the test at Reijnhout Elektro B.V. and subsequently on site. In collaboration with the client, we go through the product using a checklist. Finally, the product is delivered, but not before it is completely to the customer’s satisfaction.


In addition to building the control cabinet, we gladly devote our attention to programming. After all, the PLC (computer) must control the machine in exactly the right way. Based on the P&ID and the functional description, the PLC and the HMI (display) are programmed using the correct program codes. Then the control cabinet is tested in order to check if the program is running properly. If this is, the cabinet is put into operation on site and, if necessary, final adjustments are made.

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