Access Control

In many areas or buildings, the application of an access control system is desirable. For this purpose, Reijnhout Elekro B.V. installs customised access control systems.

An access control system allows to assign separate access rights to individual people by means of a personalized tag, access card or pin code. A variety of reports show exactly who gained access where, and, in the event of an emergency, a presence report can be run.

For this purpose, Reijnhout Elektro B.V. applies the Paxton Net2 access control system.

In combination with this system, the following items can be used:

  • Paxton Tags
  • Paxton magnetic cards
  • PIN codes

Barriers, entrance gates and rolling doors can be opened from a car or forklift truck by using:

  • License plate recognition
  • Long distance readers

In the event of lost keys, you either replace locks and keys or accept the fact that the building in question is no longer properly secured. An access control system however allows you to simply remove individual cards or tags. Problem solved!

A combination of a burglary alert camera and an access control system ensures maximum security.

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